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Training on Community Development Tuesday 27 September 2016

On September 23-25 Dirk Jan Groot, Founder of Dorcas International and Dorcas Albania organized a trip in Bajram Curri (Tropoja). Dirk Jan Groot delivered a training/workshop on Community Development. The participants were staff from Integration Association, one of the partner organizations of Dorcas Albania working in this area, young people, students, beneficiaries of the projects supported by Dorcas in Tropoja, volunteers, etc. The two days spent together were very encouraging and fruitful. A lot was shared about the problems and challenges of the area, but also about solutions to these problems. The participants decided to go for a challenge together as a group. They wrote down a simple project which is going to be implemented soon. They will raise money and in kind materials (mostly from their families) and will repair the roof of a poor family in Tropoja. This is the first fruit coming from the Community Development training.


Some poor families were also visited during these days. It was heartbreaking to see the conditions these people lived in. Dorcas is the only support and hope to them. Discovery Bibles (project supported by “The Answer Foundation in NL) for children were distributed to the children of these families. Though it is sad to see in what conditions many of the people living in this area live in, you always leave Tropoja with wonderful impressions from these wonderful people, who though poor, they share what they have among each other, support each other and are very hospitable. This is an area where some of the best qualities of the Albanian nation are well preserved and make you proud of.