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Excursion with Roma children Monday 19 June 2017

On the 16-th of June 2017, an excursion was organized by Emanuel Mission Foundation with the children of the facility daily centers. The excursion took place in a beautiful forest near Korca. All children participated in many social activities during that day. Creative activities, fun events or other games were organized in order to entertain the children and to get them involved with one-another. We can mention here different games such as rope jumping, playing volley and football, and some fun games as well. Some children became part of painting session; meanwhile some other children were part of dancing activity. Children also created a painting exhibit with their own paintings. Healthy food was provided for all the participants. Children were very satisfied to be part of this activity. They felt a lot of satisfaction to have a beautiful day in the company of many other children and Emanuel Mission and DorcasĀ  Albania staff members.